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Capital Campaign

Restoring the Legacy

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Restoring the Legacy

The Epsilon Zeta Chapter House is being renovated and expanded to ensure the foundation and legacy of excellence and success is ensured for our next century of leaders. White Star Foundation invites you, our brothers, to join us in providing a facility that inspires success for our youngest brothers at UF.

The time is now to take action and ensure Epsilon Zeta has a Chapter home that is safe, competitive, and encourages our brotherhood to reach for the excellence our legacy calls for.
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Our Heritage

The Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity has an undeniable history of leadership at the University of Florida. The men of Epsilon Zeta have been leaders within the Fraternity and on campus as undergraduates. Many of our best memories can be traced back to our time at Sigma Nu.

Through Sigma Nu, we learned the importance of friendship, service, and excellence. We also gained valuable leadership skills and learned to know the value of teamwork and character. These traits played an important role in establishing the common bond of brotherhood during our college years and integral in making us the men we are today.

If we wish to preserve the history and legacy of Epsilon Zeta and to continue its strong presence on the University of Florida campus, we must ensure that we are providing a safe, modern, and competitive facility.

It is important to act now to preserve the future for Epsilon Zeta.

Our Future

Competition for quality student housing is fierce on college campuses across the nation, especially among fraternities, and University of Florida is not isolated from this trend.

Nationwide, the Greek system is in an “arms race” for the newest and best fraternity houses. Competition for young men who are the best and brightest is at the heart of these efforts.

To remain competitive in this changing, and challenging, atmosphere Epsilon Zeta must make improvements, and the time is now.

Our Plans

While the Sigma Nu experience is certainly more than the bricks and mortar of the Chapter house, our home plays a crucial role in the development of our brothers and is a proud symbol of our brotherhood. Our current Chapter House on campus is showing its age. It has become clear we must make a major investment to upgrade the Chapter house if we are to remain competitive and provide a quality living environment.

In doing so, we’ll continue to keep our brothers safe, set Sigma Nu apart from the competition, and ensure that Sigma Nu pursues excellence.


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You don’t need to be wealthy to make an impact. Successful campaigns require the assistance of many to meet its goals. If you enjoy connecting with Epsilon Zeta alumni and want to see the Chapter thrive, please consider being a campaign volunteer.

If you are interested in helping or have questions, please contact Jake Medlen, our campaign manager, by phone (317.886.7669) or email (